Tips for choosing bathroom tile

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5 tips how to choose a perfect tile for your bathroom

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Tile is one of the most versatile and durable materials you can choose for your home. In addition to its many uses and applications, tile comes in a lot of different styles, materials, and can fit into all types of home décor. Before settling on your next tile installation in Chicago, take a look through these tips from leading tile contractors regarding your tile choice.

Pick Your Favorite First

When putting together a new tile installation, consider whether or not you have any particular tiles you really want in your home. It might be an intricate, unique type of tile or it could be something simple like gray tiles. Either way, begin with this tile and build the rest of your tile installation in Chicago around that.

Limit Your Selections to 3 Tiles

Three is the magic number when it comes to a variety of styles. Beginning with your favorite style, build outward from there. If you’re starting with an intricate design, talk with your tilers in Chicago about some other, more subtle tile options which can draw attention to the focal point. If your first choice is simpler, consider adding some intricate designs to offset its simplicity.

Stick to One Eye-Catching Piece

There’s a lot of really attractive tile options to choose from, but try not to get carried away. Adding a lot of different colors and styles to your tile installation can be tempting, but this will almost always lead to clashing styles or a confusing style.

Carefully Consider Maintenance

Different materials have different maintenance requirements. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, for instance, are very low-maintenance, making them perfect for showers and sinks. Natural stone tiles are much more demanding, so they might be better used in flooring than in wet areas.

Consider Tile Scale

Large-scale tiles seem to be all the rage lately, as tile contractors in Chicago will attest. While you may be a fan of bigger tiles, consider breaking up the style by using varying tile scales in addition to different colors and styles.