Backsplash installation cost Chicago

Are you planning a renovation and are wondering how much it costs to install tiles in 2022? You do not know how to read the price list of tiling construction companies? Especially for you, we will prepare an individual quote, which will be one of the lowest in the region.

The costs of renovation and construction services have been growing intensively for several years. The year 2022 is particularly hard on us in this respect. It is estimated that every year this type of work is more expensive by about 5%, this year the increases are and perhaps will be even greater. Raging inflation, pandemic restrictions, rising energy, fuel and material prices are pushing service prices up more than usual.


backsplash installation cost – What does the price depend on?

Cost of materials – this group includes the purchase of tiles, soil, glue, joints or spacers. If you plan to do the work yourself, you will also need a tile cutter and a float for applying and smoothing the glue. If you outsource this work to a professional, you can be sure that they have the necessary equipment. The prices of materials in 2022, due to rising inflation, change dynamically, so it is worth monitoring them on a regular basis.


Labor cost

It is worth outsourcing tiling to professionals, as this task requires precision and experience. Any errors, such as uneven glue distribution or inaccurate cutting of the tiles, are difficult to fix (require chipping of the glaze), and therefore also very expensive. Both renovation teams and individual specialists have a price list of tiling services, which they adapt to a specific investment. Regardless of individual conditions, specialists usually set the starting price per m² of labor, which will allow you to estimate the tiling price at the very beginning. When planning to hire a team, remember that this year the terms for good professionals are even more extended, and companies can systematically increase prices, adapting to new market conditions.


Preparatory work

If you plan to lay tiles in an old bathroom, you will probably need to chip off the old glaze with a layer of glue, then clean the surface and prime it, as well as possible waterproofing.


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