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Vernon Graham

They tiled terrace in my house. Their specialist recommended me travertine tiles and that was 100% accurate shot!

Elijah White

They tiled fireplace in my house. I am satisfied and I will hire them for the next job for sure

Frank Casey

They installed tiles in my kitchen poperly and with accuracy. I have nothing to complain about – simply good work

Jan Harrison

When you find out how much types of tiles they offer, you’ll be shocked!

Clint Owens

The best tiles in great prices. I highly recommend this company!

Rene Bates

If you are looking for someone who truly will help you with choosing tiles for any place in your house, this company is something that you should choose.

Sandra Powell

they met my expectations. Everything was smooth and properly

Thelma Harmon

I’m pretty sure they are the best tile company in Chicago!

Margaret Schneider

They know anything about tile industry. Their knowledge about that is enormous

Mamie Hudson

I don’t know much about tiles but one thing is sure – Andy crew know how to do their work