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Highest quality tiles for fireplace

You have tiles on your floor. You have tiles on your kitchen and bathroom walls. Do you have a fireplace in your home? Here at ANDY, we recommend something that is often not considered: tiled fireplaces! Our highly qualified contractors perform outstanding tiled fireplace installation in Chicago. For a durable and highly aesthetic fireplace, consider a tiled fireplace.
When it comes to tiled fireplaces, tiles are usually installed in one of two places. These include the fireplace surround or the hearth. The surround is the area surrounding the fireplace. The hearth is the base of the fireplace extending to the room. What is the best tile for fireplace hearth installation? Natural stone, concrete, and ceramic are great options.
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Glass tiles
  • Travertine tiles
  • Slate tiles

Why Choose Us

Tiled Fireplace Designs

A tiled fireplace can have endless aesthetic options. From plain tiles to mosaic patterns, fireplace tiles give endless opportunity. The Variety is also easier to match with existing d├ęcor.

Heat Resistant Tiles

Unlike normal flooring tile, such as that used on floors, fireplace tiles, especially the ones used in the hearth, are heat resistant in order to withstand everyday fireplace use.

High Durability

Fireplace tiles are highly durable. They are heat resistant, non-flammable. Fireplace tile for the heath is especially durable to deal with the weight of logs.

Tile Fireplace Surround

A tile fireplace surround just makes sense! Tile is much easier to clean than brick surrounds. This makes the cleanup for any ashes much simpler.

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